After 100 Days, Trump Earns an “F” on Small Business

Apr 28, 2017
Washington DC- Today, House Small Business Committee Democrats released a report detailing President Trump’s failed promises to America’s small businesses. The “Report Card” focused on key issues like health care, immigration, and regulations, in which it was determined that, in a range of policy areas, Trump earned an “F”. 
“During his private sector career, Trump routinely cheated the small businesses he hired, choosing instead to line his own pockets,” said the top Democrat on the Committee, Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY). “Considering this record, we shouldn’t be surprised that, as President, he hasn’t changed his ways.” 
In every issue spanning from health care to infrastructure to tax reform, the report notes Trump failed entrepreneurs by refusing to act in their favor, instead prioritizing big breaks for corporations and wealthy Americans. 
On the campaign trail, Trump promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a “tremendous plan” that would cover all Americans at a rate less costly than the ACA. During his first 100 days, House Republicans introduced the American Health Care Act, a bill so devastating, its high costs and loss of coverage for 24 million Americans ultimately failed to gain enough support from the Republican Party. With threats of similar legislation, small business owners continue to worry about the future of preserving health insurance for themselves and their employees.  
“Trump Care was a disaster from the start,” said Congresswoman Velázquez. “Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, thousands of Americans have been able to leave their jobs and launch their own ventures, without fear that they won’t be able to secure adequate medical coverage. Trump Care would have reversed this progress, undermining entrepreneurship.” 
With immigrants starting over 25% of all new businesses, Trump’s xenophobic, anti-immigrant policies are further undermining our nation’s entrepreneurial underpinnings. After just 100 days in office, Trump has deported a record number of non-criminal immigrants, resulting in a loss to the estimated 8.1 million undocumented immigrants who work in the U.S, and leaving many small businesses empty handed. 
“The deportation of non-violent, non-criminal immigrants is unconscionable and an affront to our nation,” Velázquez noted. “Not only is this policy morally objectionable, but it saps our economy of new talent than can launch businesses and sows fear among immigrant communities – who often comprise small businesses’ workforces.” 
In recent weeks, Democrats on the Small Business Committee have argued that real pro-small business policies require well-conceived plans to strategically use government resources to foster innovation and bolster small business. 
“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and when we lift up entrepreneurs, all Americans see greater opportunity,” Velázquez noted. “Our Committee will continue advancing policies that help small businesses succeed.” 
The full report can be found here