Velázquez on Senate Trumpcare Bill

Jun 22, 2017

Washington DC- Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY), the Ranking Democrat on the House Small Business Committee, released the following statement regarding the release of Senate Republicans’ Trumpcare bill:

          “Before the Affordable Care Act, entrepreneurs were disproportionately represented among the ranks of the uninsured.  In 2007, 28 percent of the nation’s 22 million self-employed individuals did not have coverage.  23 of the 45 million Americans without insurance were small business owners, employees or their dependents. 

          “By tearing coverage away from tens of millions of Americans, this legislation will harm entrepreneurs and business owners across the country.  Moreover, by raising healthcare costs, many business owners will once again find covering their employees to be out of reach financially. 

          “Equally disturbing, as healthcare coverage options are reduced, many potential entrepreneurs may scrap plans to launch a new venture, staying with a large employer that provides health benefits. This ‘job lock’ phenomenon will mean fewer new businesses are formed and consequently, a drain on job creation. 

          “All Americans have good reason to oppose this heartless legislation, including our nation’s small business owners. We must continue fighting this measure with every ounce of energy.”